5 Reasons why you are not Losing Weight

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Losing weight is easier when we have the proper knowledge. Yet most women make various mistakes during their journey to cut the extra fats. Today in this article we have decided to talk to you about the most 5 common things which people may be doing wrong.

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1- Using Diet Soda To Lose Weight 

Thinking that Diet Soda is healthier and will help you lose weight is absolutely wrong ! a new study shows that overweight and obese dieters who went for diet beverages ended up consuming the same amount of daily calories as full-sugar drinkers anyway. When you drink a sugary beverage, your liver get a sugar rush, and it finds no other option but to transform the extra sugar intake to fats.

2- Cardio is Your Main Training

Activity Most people think that they have to do only cardio to cut weight, and this is incorrect, because when you spend time in the gym, the baseline amount of calories you burn each day will be increased, which will help you lose weight faster.

3- You don’t eat before training 

Not eating before starting your workout routine is a big mistake, because if you don’t do so, you will not have the amount of energy that will help your body move properly, in order to burn more calories.

4- Using Only Light Weight 

Even if you spend time in the gym, you are maybe not picking the right weight to burn fats properly, using heavy weight for fewer reps can burn more fat than using lighter weights for more reps.

5- Your Breakfast is not Healthy enough 

If you think that you can lose weight by not giving much importance to your breakfast, you are absolutely wrong. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Running out each morning without the proper nutrients will only worsen your situation, because a recent study showed, A protein-filled breakfast could help curb your cravings later in the day.

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